Belgian Quarter Walking Tour

On our Belgian Quarter walking tour, we will discover Cologne’s hippest district. Together, we want to capture the exciting atmosphere of the district where international influences meet the culture of Cologne. As always, our Veedel tour will be off the beaten path and capture the character of the real Cologne for you.

Ticket: 16 €

Language: German

Meeting Point: Brüsseler Platz, in front of St. Michael Church

End of the Walking Tour: Brüsseler Platz, in front of St. Michael Church

Group size: 20 people. If you want to join the tour with a group of friends or family, that’s possible for up to 7 people. If you are more, please book a private tour for your group.


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The upcoming dates for our Belgian Quarter Walking Tour

Book your ticket for a walk through one of the most chic neighbourhoods. We’re looking forward to showing you the local side of our city on our walking tour through Cologne’s Belgian Quarter.

Friday 14.06
at 17:30

Friday 12.07
at 17:30

What to see on this neighbourhood tour

In the Belgian Quarter, you’ll notice that even the walls of the Veedel show the diversity of the neighborhood, inviting you to marvel at the various forms of street art. On our Walking Tour, we’ll see the hip pubs and clubs on every corner, showing off the young and lively way of life in the Veedel.

On the “Via Belgica”, a Roman military road that runs 400 km between Cologne and the Atlantic coast, we’ll learn all about the history of the Belgian district. Through traces of history, we’ll discover how the Veedel has evolved throughout our city’s past ages. Our Veedel tour takes us through the crowds of the Cologne Rings to Stadtgarten (literally city’s garden), which is one of the most popular places in Cologne to spend a sunny afternoon. After our tour, the many concept stores in the Belgian district invite you to spend an eventful evening experiencing the shopping in this fashion forward district. Come dive into the trendiest district in Cologne with us.


Explore Cologne's Belgian Quarter with us!

Here’s some of what you’ll see and where to explore beyond our tour!











Photos by Christian Zabawa
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