This tour will be available again in the Christmas season of 2024.

Cologne's Free Christmas Market Tour

Exploring Cologne’s Christmas Markets is a must during the holiday season but it can be overwhelming with how many we have in town.  We’ve got good news for you! We’re here to help with our new Free Christmas Market Tour.  Explore some of Cologne’s biggest and most historic markets.  Experience the history that made these markets what they are.  Find out what to drink and eat (and what not to…).
And most importantly, learn everything there is to know about what makes Christmas Time so special in Cologne.


Free Walking Tour means that at the end of the tour, you decide what it’s worth for you.

This tour is available in English and Spanish.

English: not available at the moment

Spanish: not available at the moment

Meeting Point: next to the Kreuzblume, the fleuron replica in front of the Cathedral

End of the tour: Rudolfplatz, at the Weihnachtsmarkt Nikolausdorf

Other Info: Dress warm! The tour will last around 2,5 hours.

Group size: 15 people. If you want to join the tour with a friends or family, groups up to 5 are possible. If you have more in your group, please book a private tour.

Please book in advance if you want to join any tour as we will only accept visitors with bookings. The booking is free of charge and will be available until 2 hours before the tour starts.


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What to see on Cologne's Free Christmas Market Tour

In late November, Cologne becomes a Christmas Capital of Europe.  With more markets than we know what to do with, Cologne transforms into a Winter Wonderland and we’re here to help you navigate that chilly paradise on our new Free Christmas Market Tour!

Cologne’s Free Christmas Market Tour travels through five major markets in our city as (well as a few of the smaller ones) and tells you the stories that make this city and Christmas what it is for us Kölners.  We’ll start at our largest and most iconic market, the Dom Christmas Market and make our way through the historical center of our town checking out the Christmas sites on our journey!

Along the way, we’ll stop for Glühwein and explain the different varieties.  We’ll tell the stories of Cologne’s own variety of elves.  We’ll explain the different traditions from Germany’s past as well as what presents to buy for who.  Our free tour will end with the only singing Reindeer we know at the Rudolfplatz Gate at the edge of our Belgian Quarter where we can grab ourselves a last Glühwein and enjoy the best of winter in Cologne.


Join us on our free Christmas Market tour of Cologne's best Markets!

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