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Whether it’s our guests, Germany’s public broadcaster, the Cathedral’s radio station or tour reviews on blogs of travellers who joined our free walking tours or neighbourhood walks – they all had something to say about us. For more tour reviews, find us on TripAdvisor.

“I didn’t know what to expect when booking our Cologne walking tour. But once we got there I knew it was going to be fun as our tour guide Mike gave us a beaming smile and was truly interested in why we were in Cologne. I knew nothing about Cologne, although my daughter had been several times. Now I feel like I know things about Cologne that I probably would never have found out from reading a history book!! My highlight was seeing the Roman ruins that is situated in.. a local carpark!! I feel more of a sense of closeness to Cologne, corny as it may sound. Thank you Mike!!”

AudreyD, August 2020, TripAdvisor

Alternative city tour Cologne

Domradio, in German

On a neighbourhood tour in Cologne

Radio Köln, in German

Sightseeing with Freewalk Cologne is the best way to explore the city.

“The next vacation is not in sight? Are you still dreaming of your Erasmus year in Portugal? And your English is slowly getting a bit rusty too? Time to open your arms and let the whole world into your heart like a real Cologne person – meet people of different nationalities and thus satisfy the need for something strange, educational, exciting. It’s easy at these 11 locations in Cologne.”

Freewalk Cologne
– my experience

Hopeless Wanderer, in Italian


“Cologne is a city not to be taken too seriously and a living oxymoron. Halfway between ultra-Catholicism and the irreverent Carnival for which it is known, it is a corner of the world to be discovered. Freewalk Cologne offers the opportunity to discover some secrets and small curiosities in a very special two and a half hour tour. Why don’t you give it a try?”

John Lennon and the Südstadt

Meine Südstadt, in German


“No matter whether you recently moved to or were born in Cologne – if you are interested in the southern part of town, you are in good hands with Susanna and Chandni. The two are Südstadt professionals and invite to a tour of the Südstadt once a month, with Kölsch and Cologne history, fun facts and lots of information. We explored what their tour is like.”

Must do Cologne: Free Walking Tours

Inside Flyer, in Dutch

Tour reviews Free Tour Cologne

“Even if we travel for fun and relaxation, planning a trip can be quite stressful. You want as much as possible in as little time as possible. You can book organized tours through tour operators, but those are often expensive and maybe not so much fun. The solution? Free Walking Tours. Today: Cologne.”

Freewalk Cologne at Tünnes and Schäl

“Germany’s English-speaking tour guides sometimes appreciate the country more than locals do. DW’s Inga Janiulytė found out why they fell for Germany – and how they manage to pack centuries of history into just two hours.”

Free Walking City Tours in front of Cologne Cathedral

“Every Saturday at ten past twelve he stands at the Eigelsteintorburg and waits for ‘clientele’: Matthias Boden, tourist guides from passion. There is the starting point of his “Free Walk Cologne”, a free guided tour, which he is advertising exclusively on the internet.”