The Cologne Kiosk Crawl

You’ve probably been barhopping before. We’re guessing if you’re reading this, you’ve been on a pub crawl too. But have you ever been on a Kiosk Crawl before? Whatever your answer, we’ve got a treat for you.

Come check out our version of a Cologne Pub Crawl!

Ticket: 15€

Included: Our version of a Pub Crawl with five different Kiosks with a traditional shot included.

Language: English

Meeting Point: Zülpicher Platz, in front of Späti Köln Kiosk

End of the tour: Brüsseler Platz, in front of Le Kiosk

Group size: 12 people. If you want to join the tour with a group of friends or family, that’s possible for up to 5 people. If you are more, please book a private tour for your group.


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cologne kiosk pub crawl

Upcoming Dates for the Cologne Kiosk Crawl!

Fridays and Saturdays
at 18:11

What You'll do on our Kiosk Crawl

Cologne is a city that knows nightlife.  We’ve got great breweries, famous clubs, well-worn dancefloors, and plenty of all-night karaoke.  But if you’re looking for a type of drinking you won’t get anywhere else, you have to do our version of a Cologne Pub Crawl or Bar Hopping.  You have to go on a Kiosk Crawl (or Kiosk Hopping as we call it).

Over the years, some of our guide’s best stories begin (and often end) on a Kiosk Hop.   Kiosks are tiny convenience stores on every street corner of our city but have become so much more. We’ll take you into the world of these local shops that have become meeting points for neighbors, students, business people, parents, senoirs and everyone in between.

Our tour might provide information here and there but it is very much a pub crawl!  It’s about getting to know your fellow guests and make connections in some of our favorite squares, streets and parks.  We’ve got some extra fun plannedvalong the way!  You’ll have the chance to grab a beer at five different kiosks and included is a shot of one of our traditional schnapps in Cologne.  Come check it out with friends, collegues, or get to know the city better as an expat!


Come have a few drinks with us!

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