Classic Cologne Free Walking Tour

Free walking tour means that at the end of the tour, you decide what it was worth for you. Our free walking tours are a mix of fun storytelling, history and a kiosk tour with friends. We’re looking forward to meeting you and showing you around!


English: every day at 12:11 and 16:11.

German: every day at 12:11. Extra: Saturdays at 16:11.

Spanish: every day at 12:11. Extra: Saturdays at 16:11

Portuguese: Saturdays at 12:11.

Meeting Point: Eigelstein-Torburg

End of the tour: Willi-Ostermann-Brunnen

Group size: 30 people (kids under 14 years old don’t count). If you want to join the tour with a friends or family, groups up to 7 are possible. If you have more in your group, please book a private tour.

Please book in advance if you want to join any tour as we will only accept visitors with bookings. The booking is free of charge and will be available until 2 hours before the tour starts.


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What to see on our Free Walking Tours

Our free walking tours take about 2.5 hours. First, you’ll explore the Eigelstein area, its gangster stories and why the habits of former guest-workers shaped a whole district that truly represents Cologne’s open-mindedness. A walk by the narrowest house in town leads you to a church with a golden chamber, where you’ll learn more about the martyr Ursula, the basilica minor and what virgins and bones have to do with our coat of arms.

You’ll reach the Cologne Cathedral, avoiding the tourist trails, listening to wonderful stories about the third highest cathedral in the world and understand why it is more than a landmark to Cologne people.

Discover ancient roman ruins and our connections to American presidents before we tell you a love story without a happy ending in front of the statue of Cavalry General Jan von Werth. Somewhat hidden in the old town, “Tünnes und Schäl” will teach you about the two hearts beating in the chest of every Cologne resident. Finally, at the Willi Ostermann Fountain, you’ll get to know facts about Cologne’s famous Carnival that will surely make you smile. It might also happen that you end up at the riverside together with your guide, your new-found friends from the tour and a cold Kölsch (our local beer).

Explore Cologne with us!

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