Our Partners in and out of Cologne

Over the years we’ve made quite a few friends and partners in and out of Cologne.  We’re happy to have worked with them and would love to recommend them to you.  If you’re traveling to Cologne, in Europe or around the world, here are some companies who have similar values as we do!

partners in köln

Our Partners in Köln

We pride ourselves in working with some of the best companies in and around the city of Cologne.  From museums to restaurants to experiences, here are our neighbours that we recommend you get to know during your stay!

Partners Pages
Partners Pages

Looking beyond our region or even to another continent for Free Walking Tour advice?  Check out Free Tour Community!  We’re a Proud Member of the family whose mission help you discover our city’s from a local’s point of view.

We’re not a big, faceless, corporation.  Free Tour Community is made up of the best-rated, home-grown companies everywhere they’re found across 80+ cities and 40+ countries! Come experience the best our city’s have to offer and help out local economies while you’re at it!

Traveling beyond Cologne on your trip through Europe or you liked what we do here in Cologne?  Here are some of our partners around the region we recommend through personal experience!

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