Freewalk Cologne

Freewalk started with a few friends who liked coach surfing. Now it has turned into the best free city walking tours in Cologne. You can join our tours daily at 12:11 starting where they always have, the Eigelstein Torburg!

Meet the founders who started it all: Matthias and Florian

Free city tours Cologne: Meet the founders

Florian and Matthias, five years after they met for the first time on a walking tour.

Free City Tours in Cologne: Matthias & Florian

The Freewalk Cologne journey started on cold November days in 2015.


Freewalk Cologne offers free city tours, neighbourhood, brewery and historical tours and more for everyone. Our tours are a mix of a storytelling event and a kiosk crawl with friends, both old and new. For us, it is important that you get a personal, authentic insight into Cologne’s life, culture and history.


The journey started in 2015. Matthias showed his Couchsurfing guests the city and had never heard of the free walking tour concept. At the same time, Florian hosted people from all over the world.  He decided to join one of Matthias’ groups. From there, the rest is history. Read here how this grew into what Freewalk Cologne is today.


Our team is in love with Cologne – everyone in their own individual way. Therefore, you’ll hear personal stories from each guide additionally to the historical and cultural facts. This makes each of our guide’s tours unique, authentic and fun.  As a matter of fact, no tour is the same as each experience is different in Cologne and it will be for you too!


How can a chameleon represent free city tours in Cologne? Well, we want you to experience an amazing time with us.  So that means focusing on your personal interests and wishes.  Just like a chameleon that changes its colours in different situations, we adjust our tours regarding the different interests of our guests. Book here!