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Get to know Cologne in our district tours

Although our Cathedral is the heart of the city, it is in the districts (or as we call them: Veedel), where the real “Cologne feeling” is happening. Join our tours and find the real treasures of Köln.

We offer our district tours only at special dates during the summer. Tickets cost 11 Euro per person and have to be booked in advance!

All district tours can also be booked as a private tour throughout the year. Find some impressions of our District Tours on Instagram or share your own! #veedeltour


Südtstadt free district tour

It is maybe the most typical Cologne district: Südstadt (“South City”) attracts with rustic pubs, trendy nightclubs and beautiful apartments. In summers, you feel like in Italy and in winters you can find refuge in one of the cosy cafés. On our tour, we will visit squares, that are no squares, and explore how this district is connected to John Lennon.



free tour cologne ehrenfeld

From working-class district to the most popular neighbourhood for students: hip, hipper, Ehrenfeld. The tour starts at the impressive DITIB Central Mosque. From here we will discover the colourful small shops, look back into the past when the district still used to be an independent city and enjoy today’s Ehrenfeld with its street art, food places and bars.

Next tour: June 15th


Belgian District

free tour cologne belgian district

The Belgian District (Belgisches Viertel) is one of the most popular districts in Cologne. Old and young, Cologne tradition and international flair are combined with trendy pubs, clubs, concept stores, art or just the kiosk at the corner. On our tour from the roman “Via Belgica” to the “green belt” you will experience the multi-faceted district and its history.

Next tour: June 22nd




Free District Tours -
Nippes Stadtführung Schillplatz

Starting from the famous pub “Em Golde Kappes” we will walk along the shopping street to “Schill Square”, where people chill in the evening. You will also learn about the historic past of the restaurant “Altenberger Hof” and much more.

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Cologne District Free Walking Tours

The Agnesviertel arose around the second biggest church in Cologne, St. Agnes. The district is named after a woman who was deeply loved by her husband. We will walk through the northern part of the district Neustadt-Nord.

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