In addition to our daily free walking tours, we offer district tours, private tours, and a Dark Side of the Dom tour.

Classic Cologne Free Walking Tour

On our free walking tour, you will get to know the Cologne way of life. You will see the main sights and learn a lot about the “Cologne feeling”. Why is the number 11 a thing here? What is the story behind the famous carnival? Why does Cologne not fulfill German stereotypes? We can’t wait to welcome you in our city. After the tour, you decide for yourself what it was worth to you.

Dark Side of the Dom Free Tour

As the sun goes down and the night takes over, join us in exploring the dark side of Cologne's medieval and recent past. Are you into stories about murderers, witches and mayhem? You’ll explore the gloomy side of Cologne’s past focusing on the city’s Medieval history. Be prepared for the pure misery of living in Medieval Times.

National Socialism & Third Reich

How was life during the Nazi's rule? How was it possible that such a ruthless, authoritarian regime came to power? Were Germans living under fear or rather sympathetic to the regime? The aim of this tour is to look back in history and encourage a critical debate about Nazi Ideology, what type of society they envisioned and how close they came to achieving their ambitions.

Brewery Tour

Kölsch is a type of beer from Köln. In fact, you can only call it Kölsch when it was brewed in Cologne. There are many different Kölsch brands and on this tour, we will show you our favourite five. We will hop from brewery to brewery and enjoy at least five cold Kölsch. Between the beer stops, we will entertain you with fun facts and legends about the city.

Ehrenfeld Walking Tour

From working-class district to the most popular neighbourhood for students: hip, hipper, Ehrenfeld. The tour starts at the impressive DITIB Central Mosque. From there we’ll discover the colourful small shops, look back into the past when the district still used to be an independent city and enjoy today's Ehrenfeld with its street art, food places and bars.

Love Tour

This two hour walking tour with the romantic stories and spots of the city will make you fall (even more) in love with each other and with Cologne. Take your partner with you, put a lock at the “love-bridge”, listen to Cologne love stories and watch the romantic sunset at the Rhine river. Also a great opportunity for a wedding proposal in Cologne.

Südstadt Walking Tour

It is maybe the most typical Cologne district: Südstadt (“South City”) attracts with rustic pubs, trendy nightclubs and beautiful apartments. In summers, you feel like in Italy and in winters you can find refuge in one of the cosy cafés. On our tour, we will visit squares, that are no squares, and explore how this district is connected to John Lennon.

One Day in Cologne

You have only one day in Cologne and you want to make the best out of it? Book a day with us and we will create a personalized walking tour just for you. According to your wishes, we will show you whatever you are interested in: the main sights, museums, food places, street art, the local breweries, nightlife – or a big mix of all of this!

Agnesviertel Walking Tour

The Agnesviertel arose around the second biggest church in Cologne: the beautiful St. Agnes. Named after a woman who was deeply loved by her husband, we’ll walk through the neighbourhood whose beauty matches the name of its romantic roots. You’ll also learn something about the history of our favorite primate, “Petermann” and its connection to the Cologne Zoo.

Walking Tour for Kids

Walking tours are boring for kids? Not with us! We will make discovering Cologne an ex-citing adventure! Our storytelling is fun and informative. We explain history in a way that is interesting, on eye-level and easy to understand. Our tours are perfect for birthdays or school trips. Our guides are engaging and know how to entertain children.