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Our free walking tours are among the best city tours in Cologne regarding TripAdvisor. What is our secret? It is very simple, we love our city! And we love sharing this with you.

Your Free Walking Tour in Cologne

A variety of city tours

We offer many different kinds of tours: explore Cologne’s main sights, breweries, neighbourhoods, history and the dark side of our city with us.


A local experience

With us, you will get to know the tourist attractions of Cologne but also discover local places. Our guides will recommend you the best restaurants, bars and venues.

Free Walking Tour Cologne


We offer most tours in English, German and Spanish. For private city tours in other languages please send us a request and we will see what we can do.

Classic Cologne Free Walking Tour

On our free walking tour, you will get to know the Cologne way of life. You will see the main sights and learn a lot about the “Cologne feeling”. Why is the number 11 a thing here? What is the story behind the famous carnival? Why does Cologne not fulfill German stereotypes? We can’t wait to welcome you in our city. After the tour, you decide for yourself what it was worth to you.

Dark Side of the Dom Free Tour

As the sun goes down and the night takes over, join us in exploring the dark side of Cologne's medieval and recent past. Are you into stories about murderers, witches and mayhem? You’ll explore the gloomy side of Cologne’s past focusing on the city’s Medieval history. Be prepared for the pure misery of living in Medieval Times.

Cologne’s Free Christmas Market Tour

Cologne’s Christmas Markets is a must during the holiday season. Explore some of Cologne’s biggest and most historic markets with us. Experience the history that made these markets what they are. Find out what to drink and eat (and what not to…) and learn everything there is to know about what makes Christmas Time so special in Cologne.

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How about a fun and entertaining introduction to Cologne and its people? Or have some Kölsch in Cologne’s breweries? Are you more into ghosts, murderers and mayhem? Check out The Dark Side of the Dom tour. There are also the Cologne neighbourhoods with their very individual histories and locals. Cologne is a city to explore with your eyes and with your heart! What we do is sightseeing off the tourist trails.

Our guides are all locals with heart and soul who fell in love with Cologne in their individual ways. Hence, we all have different stories to tell when it comes to our beloved city. We top our personal experiences off with the historical background that makes the city what it is today. Our tours are a mix of kiosk tour, stroll with friends and engaging lecture. We are looking forward to seeing you on our walks!