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Free walking tour means, at the end of the tour, you decide what it was worth for you.

Our free walking tours in English start every day at 12:11 pm and 4:11 pm, and on Saturdays additionally at 10:11 am. 

Special tour dates during carnival (Feb 28 – March 5)

Carnival means for true locals like us “research time”. We will be out on the streets in costumes, “researching” the best stories, so we can tell you all about the craziness on our tour. Therefore, there is a special schedule with limited tours during that time. Looking forward to see you in Cologne at the best time of the year! ;-)

Thursday, Feb 28: no tours

Friday, March 1: 12:11 pm in German and English, 4:11 pm in English

Saturday, March 2: 12:11 pm in English and Spanish, 4:11 pm in English

Sunday, March 3: no tours

Monday, March 4: no tours

Tuesday, March 5: 12:11 pm in English and German, 4:11 pm in English

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We also provide German and Spanish free walking tours!

German: Every day at 12:11pm. Additionally on Saturday at 4:11pm. From Monday to Thursday, and Saturday afternoon, German tours are only available if you place a booking for the German tour in advance.

Spanish: Every day at 12:11pm. From Monday to Thursday, Spanish tours are only available if you place a booking for a Spanish tour in advance.

Free Walking Tours Cologne

Our free walking tours are designed especially for individual travelers and small groups of friends. In the best interest of our visitors we aim to keep our groups relatively small. To guarantee comfortable and effective sightseeing we usually DO NOT accept groups of friends with more than 7 people on our regular tours. For groups we have a special, private offer – for more information check out our private tours.

What you will see on our free walking tours

Our free walking tour takes about 2.5 hours. You will experience the Eigelstein Area with stories about gangsters and the narrowest house of Cologne. Learn more about St. Ursula, her bone chamber and her connection to the municipal coat of arms. Coming to the area around the Cologne Cathedral you will surprisingly leave the tourist trails but also hear wonderful stories about the third tallest cathedral in the world. The famous Heinzelmännchen Fountain and Cologne’s old town with the statue of Jan von Werth and “Tünnes and Schäl” are part of our free walking tour as well. At the Ostermann Square you will hear stories of Cologne’s carnival. When you and your guide feel like, you will end the tour near the river Rhine with a cold beer in a typical brewery and some facts about brewery traditions. 

Tour booking

We appreciate it when you book in advance! But we also understand if you want to decide spontaneously. That’s why you are welcome to just show up at the meeting point. We are waiting for you at the Eigelstein-Torburg every day at 12:11 pm and 4:11 pm. On Saturdays, we additionally provide a tour at 10:11 am for early birds. 

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Meeting point and how to get there

We meet directly underneath the Eigelstein-Torburg. It is one of the old city gates, not far from the Cologne Cathedral and the Central Station. It is very convenient to get here by public transportation or walking. Your guide is the friendly looking, smiling person underneath the gate. 

City Walking Tour Cologne Meeting Point Eigelstein Tor 

Arrive by public transportation

The Eigelstein-Torburg is close to the station ‘Hansaring‘ where the suburban railways (S-Bahn) S6, S11, S12 and S13 and the tram lines 12 and 15 run.
Even closer is the station ‘Ebertplatz’ with the tram lines 12, 15, 16 and 18 as well as the bus lines 127 and 140. Read here everything you need to know about public transportation in Cologne.


Are you close to the Cologne Cathedral? It’s only a 10 minute walk from there. Ask locals where the “Eigelstein-Torburg” is or use your smartphone.

Special holidays during carnival

Since we are true locals, we cannot provide tours on some of the carnival days in November and spring. Why? Join the tour on other dates and you will understand. But you can message us during carnival and we will recommend the best places to celebrate!


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