Mülheim Walking Tour

A walking tour of Mülheim, Cologne, Germany’s Ever-Up-and-Coming Veedel? Since it merged with Cologne, this once independent city has been in the shadow of its big brother across the Rhein River.  Mülheim is perpetually called Köln’s next big Veedel but to some many across from the Schäl Sick, it just hasn’t got there… but could they be wrong?  We sure think so!

Mülheim’s long history, its deep cultural heritage, its surprising beauty and its hidden charm are all there for the taking.  We’re here to show you where to find it!

Ticket: 16€

Language: German

Meeting Point: Wienerplatz, next to The 2020 Sculpture

End of the tour: Palmengarten Köln

Group size: 20 people. If you want to join the tour with a group of friends or family, that’s possible for up to 7 people. If you are more, please book a private tour for your group.


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The upcoming dates for our Mülheim walking tour

Book your ticket for a walk through one of our wildest neighbourhoods. We’re looking forward to showing you the local side of our city on our walking tour through Cologne’s Mülheim.

Sunday 02.06
at 14:00

Friday 28.06
at 18:00

What to see on this neighbourhood tour

One of our goals is to show you Cologne’s neighbourhoods – or as we call them here, Veedel, exactly as locals experience them every day. We’ll make sure to stay away from the tourist traps on our walking tours. We’ll focus on the feeling for our district — not your typical facts you can find anywhere!

On our walking tour through the Veedel  of Mülheim, you’ll learn the complicated history of Weinerplatz and the Mülheimer Brücke — the important but controversial highway that cuts the neighborhood in two.  Get to know the history of Köln’s Mülheim district’s industrial past, its craftsman roots, and its ancient buildings.  Find the street art that spreads from here to everywhere in the city. Visit the popular sunset views, the local hangout spots, and figure out what makes the popular neighborhood a growing hotspot in Cologne!


Explore Cologne's Mülheim with us!

Here’s some of what you’ll see and where to explore beyond our tour!











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