Nippes Walking Tour

Join our Nippes neighbourhood city tour and let us take you through a world full of green parks and magnificent old buildings. Like all our guided tours, the tour through Nippes is known for history, insider tips and — of course — a lot of fun. Whether you’re alone or in a small group — we will show you the most beautiful spots in the district and open up some very new perspectives on this proud, northern neighbourhood.

Ticket: 16€

Language: German

Meeting Point: Neusserstraße 295, in front of ‘Em Golden Kappes’

End of the tour: Schillplatz

Group size: 20 people. If you want to join the tour with a group of friends or family, that’s possible for up to 7 people. If you are more, please book a private tour for your group.


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The upcoming dates for our Nippes walking tour

Book your ticket for a walk through one of our greenest neighbourhoods. We’re looking forward to discovering the local side of our city with you on our walking tour through Cologne’s Nippes.

Wednesday 03.07
at 19:00

Sunday 21.07
at 17:00

What to see on this neighbourhood tour

On our city tour through Nippes, travel through the exciting history that made this popular neighbourhood what it is today. Discover the details about brewing forbidden bottom-fermented beer which helped Nippes become popular as a centre of Pils today. Together, with our city tour, we’ll pass through the cosy cafés and the hustle and the bustle of Neusserstraße. Stroll along the Sechzigviertel and learn exciting facts about the beautiful Kulturkirche. Capture the summer feeling in the district, we’ll also pay a visit to Eis-Engeln in the Sechzigviertel.

In Nippes, young meets old, making it the perfect district for families which we’ll see in Schillplatz. While Wilhelmsplatz is known for quiet afternoons and evenings with a glass of wine, its unique weekly market brings people in from far beyond the borders of the district. In the Nippes city tour, you’ll find one of the greenest and proudest neighbourhoods in Cologne. Come explore it with us.


The local radio channel “Radio Köln” visited our Nippes walking tour. Listen to the report here (in German).

Explore Nippes on our city tour!

Photos by Christian Zabawa
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