I love Cologne because with the Dom in sight and the sound of the Rhine I instantly feel like home.

Hey folks, I’m Annika and I wanted to move and live in Cologne since I was 8 years old. Today, I cannot recall how this love story actually began, but after living on 2 continents, in 3 countries, in 3 Bundesländern and in total 10 different cities, I’m very glad we got our happy ending after all. And when you’re in love, you have to share it with others, right? So when I spent my first weekend as an „Immi“ in Cologne and joined Matthias for his Free Walking tour, it did not take him long to convince me, that becoming a tour guide myself is the only sensible thing to do.
What I love about Cologne is its warm and easy-going atmosphere. Everything is possible, as long as the Dom is still standing in its place. The people here are whole-hearted, generous and not only do they know how to celebrate life but also their football team, even in times when they do not hit the ball at all. This must be true love.
So come around and join me on a tour full of Cologne stories, favourite spots and a proper glass of Kölsch in the end.

Neighbourhood Tour “Agnesviertel” (German)

Anarchists, Nobel laureates and rose lovers: On our tour, we will not only explore three neighbourhoods but also 150 years of history. The second largest church in Cologne, St. Agnes, is the centre of the ‘Agnesviertel’ (Agnes quarter). You will get to know the story behind its name, learn about some bizarre records and a […]