On our neighbourhood (Veedel) tour through the Agnesviertel, we move between the most beautiful houses and cafés of the city and get to the ground of more than 150 years of history. We’ll learn all about the woman after whom the district was named and why her husband valued her so much. On our journey into the beauty of the present and the past we will find out what anarchists and Nobel Prize winners in literature have to do with the famous district. This tour is currently only available in German.

The upcoming dates


Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we’ve been forced to postpone our “Veedel” Tours season until further notice. But, once we return to our normal activities, further dates will be announced. Thanks for understanding!



Throughout our Veedel tour through the Agnes district, we won’t bore you with dry numbers and facts. Instead, we will leave conventional tourist paths and aim at gathering a real feeling of the typical Cologne district.

On the tour you will have the chance to admire St. Agnes, the second largest church in Cologne, and learn more about the exciting past of the building. With its beautiful variety of plants, the Flora Garden is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the city. Here we will learn something about the history of “Petermann” and its connection to the Cologne Zoo. The Veedel tour will take us to Fort X, a part of the former military fortification in Cologne’s Neustadt, where you will be given a glimpse into the Prussian past.


The most important facts for your Veedel tour

Early Bird tickets for this Veedel tour cost 9.50€ per person. Afterwards, you can purchase the regular tickets for 11€. Please buy a ticket in advance.

The tour starts in front of the Cologne Zoo and ends after 2h at Eigelstein-Torburg.

With up to 7 people, groups of friends or teams can book our Veedel tour as well. Larger groups, however, can book a private tour through the Veedel of their choice. The tour will be held in German or English.

Agnesviertel Stadtführung Tour

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