Südstadt Walking Tour

Italian flair in the South of Cologne – join us on our neighbourhood tour through the Südstadt. If you want to discover the probably most typical “Veedel” of Cologne, our walking tour through Südstadt is just the right choice for you. Between elegant, old buildings and vibrant green places we explore the quaint pubs of the quarter and discover the most popular, trendy clubs, as we learn more about the southern district.

Ticket: 16€

Language: German

Meeting Point: Hans-Abraham-Ochs-Weg 1, in front of Fort I

End of the tour: Elsaßstraße

Group size: 20 people. If you want to join the tour with a group of friends or family, that’s possible for up to 7 people. If you are more, please book a private tour for your group.


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The upcoming dates for our Südstadt walking tour

Book your ticket for a walk through one of our cosiest neighbourhoods. We’re looking forward to showing you the local side of our city on our walking tour through Cologne’s Südstadt.

Sunday 09.06
at 17:00

Sunday 30.06
at 17:00

What to see on this neighbourhood tour

We want to show you the neighbourhood – or as we call them here: Veedel – exactly as locals experience Cologne every day. Hence we move off the beaten paths on our walking tour. We focus on the feeling for our district — not merely on dry numbers!

On our walking tour through the Veedel you will explore the beautiful Friedenspark and the Rheinauhaufen — the former harbour of the district — and learn what connects the South of Cologne with John Lennon. In Severinsviertel, famous for its special medieval charm, we find out what the Bürgerhaus has to do with chocolate and why Cologne sometimes is called the “most northern city of Italy”. Past the Bayenturm we explore the so-called Eierplätzchen at the adjacent Römerpark, thus rounding off our tour perfectly. We’re looking forward to seeing you on our walking tour Cologne!

Walking Tour Cologne Südstadt

The local online magazine Meine Südstadt wrote about our neighbourhood tour (in German). Have a look: “John Lennon and the Südstadt”

Explore Cologne's Südstadt with us!

Here’s some of what you’ll see and where to explore beyond our tour!









Photos by Christian Zabawa
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