This tour is currently not available until further notice due to the current restrictions against COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding. If you’d like to plan this as a private tour in the future, please send us a request.

The Dark Side of the Dom Free Tour

Are you looking for a different side of Cologne’s history? The medieval past, the witches, the ghosts, the things that go bump in the night? Maybe it’s time you join our Dark Side of the Dom tour. Walk with us on our ghost tour as we uncover the legends and stories that show you the darker side of this welcoming city. Join us as the sun goes down and the shadows grow longer in exploring the dark corners of our home.


Free Walking Tour means that at the end of the tour, you decide what it’s worth for you.

English: not available at the moment

German: not available at the moment

Meeting Point: Heumarkt, in front of the Friedrich Wilhelm III Statue

End of the tour: Tipsgasse, next to Brauhaus Sünner im Walfisch

Booking: Please book in advance if you want to join: we only accept visitors with reservation. The booking is free and will be available until 2 hours before the tour starts.

Group size: 15-20 people. If you want to join the tour with a group of friends or family, that’s possible for up to 7 people. If you are more, please book a private tour for your group.


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In order to keep everyone healthy, we introduced the following safety measures during COVID-19:

  1. The groups will be kept small (max. 15-20 PAX, depending on the tour).
  2. Please bring your own mouth-nose masks. To what extent you will have to wear them, will be decided depending on the location and group size.
  3. We ask for your contact information before the tour, so that we can inform you of a possible infection during the tour. This data will only be used in case of an infection in the group and, if necessary, will be sent to the Health Department. Once the infection period has expired, the data will be deleted.

What to see on Cologne's free ghost tour

Cologne today is a city full of culture, music, drinking, and happiness where everyone is welcome. But it hasn’t always been that way. You’ll explore the gloomy side of Cologne’s past focusing on the city’s Medieval history with a few jumps to some of its more recent history with our Cologne twist.

The Dark Side of the Dom tour uncovers the stories and legends from the Dark Ages of Cologne’s past. While the sun sets, we’ll head through the center city from our meeting spot in Heumarkt into the very heart of the our medieval city. Be prepared for witches, murderers, a ghost or two, and just the pure misery of living in Medieval Times on our darkest tour.

Join us on our free medieval history and ghost tour!

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