I love Cologne because it’s a unique cultural melting pot with a custom energy, interesting history, and great beer!

Your freewalk Cologne guide Izzy

As a music artist and entertainer, being in front of and leading large groups of people has always come naturally to me. I am also one of the thousands of residents to live in and enjoy this city, but originate from somewhere else.

I appreciate the sketchy and checkered history of Cologne and how it doesn’t shy away from how things were previously to get were it is today. I also thoroughly enjoy the Kölsch culture. I like that Cologne has its own genre of music that is exclusive and unique to the region and that is culturally uplifting and promotes a fun and positive time.

So with an interest and appreciation for my current resident city, mixed with my experience in performing, I feel being a tour guide would be an organic role to slip into and help create long lasting impressions of this uniquely custom city.

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