Mr. Bacon

I love Cologne because it has never lost its village character, even though it’s the fourth biggest city in Germany.

Your freewalk Cologne guide Fabian

I am originally from Cologne and a few years ago I thought that I have to learn a little more about my city. So I joined a free walking tour which I usually just do on vacation in other countries or cities. After the tour I had a few drinks with the guides and a few weeks later I joined again for some different tours of Freewalk Cologne.

Because I like telling people about stories and the lifestyle of this (in a good way) weird city I decided to join the family. Since then I do tours in german and english and love to tell tourists and „immis“ everything about the Dom and our beloved Kölsch. The open way and manner we have here in Cologne is something special in Germany and I enjoy showing that to people, especially on my tours.

So feel free to have a Kölsch and some nice stories about the city on my tour!

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