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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Cologne

Whether you’re following a Vegan Diet or you’re just looking for some good food: here are the recommendations from our free walking tour guides for the best vegan restaurants in Cologne!


1. Chum Chay

Chum Chay is a Vietnamese, vegan restaurant right in the city centre near Rudolfplatz. With a variety of delicious dishes and fresh ingredients, this is one of our favorite vegan options. Although not strictly vegan (they have vegetarian dishes as well), this is a must try for vegans in Cologne. Small dishes start from 5.90 Euro with regular main courses coming closer to 10 Euro.


2. Bunte Burger

One day, the founders of Bunte Burger (colourful burgers) quit their manager jobs and bought a food truck to serve vegan burgers in Cologne. Today, just a couple of years later, they serve organic burgers in a restaurant in the district Ehrenfeld. The burgers cost 9.90 Euro.


3. Mei Wok Vegan

Mei Wok Vegan provides Asian vegan cuisine with organic and if possible regional vegetables. Whether you are in the Northern or Southern part of Cologne, you don’t have to be hungry for long. Mei Wok Vegan has restaurants in two districts: one in Ehrenfeld and one in Sülz. Soups cost 7 Euro, salads 8 Euro and main courses 10 Euro.


4. Edelgrün

Edelgrün focuses on clean eating, which means natural, high-quality and fresh ingredients. Diversity and sustainability are keywords here. The menu is not exclusively vegan or vegetarian but you will find amazing vegan dishes here. For example, baked eggplant filled with date-almond quinoa.


5. Mashery Hummus Kitchen

Everything is homemade at Mashery Hummus Kitchen and most of the dishes are vegan. The Hummus is prepared freshly every day. That is “true hummus love”, as the founders say. A Hummus dish starts from 6.50 Euro.


6. Falafel König

Falafel König (King) in Ehrenfeld does not only serve vegan food but you should go for falafel or makali with their vegan sauce made out of Tahini. The tasty role will fill you and make you happy for only 4 Euro.


For more recommendations, join our free walking tour and talk to your guide. Free walking tour means that at the end of the tour, you decide what it was worth for you.

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