Vicky K

I love Cologne for many reasons, but most because of the warm and welcoming spirit of its citizens.

I wanna become a Tour Guide because I wanna show people from all over the world what Cologne is all about and how we are special with our welcoming and open culture. Also, I think, Cologne is sometimes seen as a rather ugly city, so I would like to show people the beautiful, weird and exciting places of our city because there are so many!

For me personally, being a Tour Guide would be a great asset not only to improve my English speaking skills as I wanna work internationally but also because I think it’s a lot of fun to stand in front of a crowd and convince them of Cologne.

I’m gonna be a lawyer, so presenting and feeling comfortable speaking in public is a skill I would really like to take to the next level.

Have you already joined my tour? Amazing! To support me, I appreciate it if you leave a review on TripAdvisor or Google. Thank you!


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