I love Cologne for its people, its attitude and its history.

My name is Philip and proud to be a Colognian since 2016. I came here to study Journalism and Social Sciences. Before that, I moved around a lot (thanks, Mom!): I have lived in Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Munich and Aachen. Actually, I‘m a native-born Swede, and yes, I do speak Swedish — or at least I understand everything nowadays.

Soon after arriving in Cologne, I fell in love with the city. I love its diversity, its little secrets and the rich history it provides. Exploring new facets of Cologne never gets old for me and I advertise my adopted home anywhere I can. When friends or family came visiting, I did city tours for them, showing them all the things Cologne has to offer — especially those you won‘t find in your standard tourist guide!

Freewalk Cologne Guide Philip


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