I love Cologne because of its open and welcoming atmosphere.

If you’ve been in Europe long enough to know about Free Walking Tours, you know that there is no better way to explore a city then with one of the locals. That’s always been my experience with Free Walking Tours and that why I got involved in Cologne, to show you the city the way we see it.

I’m from Buffalo, New York originally, a small town with an atmosphere similar to Colognes, good beer, good friends and a love for our city. Maybe that’s why I feel right at home here. After managing a Hostel for three years in Cape Town, I came up to Cologne for what was only supposed to be one month and I never left. Sure, I’m not allowed back to South Africa (ask me over a couple drinks), but Cologne quickly became my home. I’ve been here since November of 2016 and between the people, the river, the Dom and the feeling in the city, I don’t know when I’ll ever leave.

Come jump on one of my tours so I can show you Cologne from the perspective of a professional Cologne Imitator.
Freewalk Cologne Guide Mike


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