I love Cologne because of its unique vibe - it's a city with heart and soul.

Hey everyone! My name is Lina, I am 23 years old and was born in this super cool city at the river Rhine: Cologne.
Even though I love this city with all my heart I packed my bags immediately after graduating school to go out and see the rest of the world to paint my own picture of it. I spent three years travelling on and off and of course I had the greatest time and learned a lot! This is also how I became a big fan of free walking tours. One day I thought: I always loved to show my friends from other cities or countries around my hometown. So…why not become a tour guide myself! Because even after seeing many amazing cities all over the world, Cologne is still the most exciting one for me and I LOVE to talk about it. It might not be the prettiest but it has a unique vibe which we call the “Kölsche Jeföhl”. If you are curious now and want to feel that vibe I really hope to meet you at one of my tours. See you soon, bis bald o hasta pronto 🙂

Neighbourhood Tour “Belgian Quarter” (German)

The Belgian District is one of the most popular districts in Cologne. Old and young, Cologne tradition and international flair are combined with trendy pubs, clubs, concept stores, art or just the kiosk at the corner. On our tour from the roman “Via Belgica” to the city garden, from Bischofsweg to the “green belt” you […]