Flo V.

I love Cologne because here the word crazy is a compliment!

Your freewalk Cologne Guide Flo V

Ich bin ene Kölsche Jung – that’s true! I was born and raised in Cologne and I even speak the regional language Kölsch (also the name of our local beer). I love the warm-hearted people, our fifth season Karneval, and our 2000-year-rich history. I hate the corruption we call “Klüngel”, greed of investors who exploit and ruin our ancient sights, and the laziness of Colognians (mine included).

I broke up with my city after 20 years of an intense relationship to explore the world and get a fresh perspective. I lived in Costa Rica, Uruguay, Mexico, England and Hamburg. I studied Anthropology, Latin American Studies, and Journalism and I travelled around the globe for ten years, only to eventually move back home.

If you have me as your guide I will not only show you the most beautiful spots or share entertaining anecdotes about our unique city but also introduce you to Cologne’s dark secrets – such as skeletons in the closet ( I mean church) or the super-dooper-serious side of Karneval.

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