I love Cologne because it’s a big city with the rhythm and the soul of a small town.

Your freewalk Cologne Guide Fede

Ciao! I’m Federico and I was born and raised right outside Milan, Italy. I landed in Cologne the first time in 2012, as an exchange student in design field and in a certain way, I immediately felt home. During the first two months, I quickly realised that all to stereotypes I knew about Germany and Germans didn’t really belong to Cologne, which is truly “The northernmost Italian city” as people who live here like to call it.

Since that time many years have passed, but the feeling is still the same: Cologne is a city with heart and soul, as a local song says. And it’s true! You can perceive it in many small details spread around the streets and in the behaviour of the lovely people who live here.

So you’d probably already have an idea of what will happen in my tours: a voyage across two thousand years of history, tales, details and feelings, to make you also fall in love with this magical city, at least for a couple of hours!

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