I love Cologne because of its mixture of a cosmopolitan vibe with a historical atmosphere.


I am David and I arrived at this amazing city five years ago. I was born in Bogota, Colombia. When I was 20, I decided to move to Germany to pursue an undergraduate degree. I have lived in Munich, Berlin, and Saarbrücken, but Cologne finally captured my entire heart and soul due to its vibrant and small cosmopolitan vibe (Bogota has about 6 million inhabitants, so I kind of like noise!), without losing its traditional atmosphere full of history and culture.

I am a Geophysicist and I have a Masters in Physics in Polar Lights research. In my free time, I like reading a lot of literature, coffee, and philosophy. I love travelling, so every time I get the chance to go somewhere different, I do so. However, there are virtually no words that can describe the enormous pleasure to see the Dom arising on the horizon when the train approaches Cologne. From New York to Tokyo, from Windhoek to Moscow…nothing compares to the Dom in Cologne! I am looking forward to meeting you on my tours!

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