I love Cologne because it is a metropolis in which you somehow know everybody.

My name is Christian and I’m from Cologne. Even before my time as a tour guide at Freewalk Cologne, I often showed my city to friends from around the world. And when traveling, it’s hard to not talk about how amazing the Cathedral, the Rhine, Kölsch, and carnival are. So I’m very excited to get the chance to show Cologne to whole groups of travelers because I love to tell stories about the city, its quirks and its 2000-year-old history.

Cologne might not be the most beautiful of all cities, but for me, it’s the most adorable one because it’s so easy here to be on the same page with people you’ve just met. The reason for this is surely the “Cologne feeling”. I’m happy to tell you more about that on my tour!

Köln Free Tour Guide Christian

Cologne Trivia Night

Think you know your city? Why not come put it to the test with the experts and join in for a few drinks along the way. We’ll figure out just how much you actually know with a couple of awesome prizes up for grabs for the best teams! The winning team can choose between tickets […]


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