I love Cologne because it’s like a history book that can be read by anyone walking in the streets of the city.

Your freewalk Cologne Guide Augusto

My name is Augusto, and I am a tax attorney who was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I had the opportunity to visit several different countries and live in some of them in the last 15 years, until I arrived in German lands.

The best tourist experiences I’ve had in all these years were through the famous free walking tours. Meeting new people, exchanging experiences and being able to hear about the history of the city in a good itinerary is the secret of a good experience.

Cologne is one of those places in the world full of interesting historical facts that are best told by those who really know the city. I believe in this so much that, after being a customer for so long, I felt it was my moment to be a tour guide and tell people why Cologne needs to be on their vacation plans.

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