I love Cologne because it is a city that never stops.

Hey there folks, André here! Although I was born in Peru, my soul is Asturian (Spain). Throughout my life I’ve lived in different cities and, without a doubt, Cologne is one of them that will always stay in my heart. A couple of summers ago, I went to a city nearby to participate in a German-Spanish tandem course and I was lucky enough to visit this wonderful city. Even though I stayed less than a day, the city captivated me and its essence made me decide to move here years later.

The best about being a part of the Freewalk Cologne family is that I get to meet people from different places of the world and show them a bit of what Cologne has to offer.

Don’t think it twice! Join any of our many tours and discover with us why we love this city so much.

Freewalk Cologne Guide Andre


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