I love Cologne because of how diverse and welcoming the city is; I like living somewhere cosmopolitan.

Your freewalk Cologne guide Alex

Every city has its own history and legends, and Cologne’s are intertwined in a beautiful mess of a narrative that captures the city’s freewheeling spirit. A lot of Cologne’s character doesn’t come across from placards, it takes a local to provide the context that lets you really get to know this place.

I used to be someone who walked around a city center, wikipedia in hand, certain I had all I needed. But after one walking tour in Berlin, I realized how little I would see and how much I would miss.

I’m a kid from LA, so no part of me should be at home walking, let alone walking along stone streets steeped in history. But fate (and a Masters program) brought me here and I fell in love with Cologne’s welcoming atmosphere, laid-back attitude, and crazy traditions.

Ask me why I live by a petting zoo with a celebrity goat, where to get a good cup of coffee, or what German you need to know to understand a menu.

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