I love Cologne because it is full of countless adventures every day.

Your freewalk Cologne Guide Aina

¡Hola, hola! I’m Aina, from Spain. From the moment I set foot in Cologne for the first time I immediately knew that the city was going to be the right home for me. It was a year of academic exchange during the pandemic (hardest restrictions in Europe), and even so, I fell in love with this city that welcomes everyone.

Back in Spain, I longed for Cologne and felt that the city was calling me, so I came back without a return ticket. I quickly realised that I don’t stop talking about how special this place is, therefore I decided to become a guide to share with visitors the charms of Cologne, which are so strong that they made me leave my home to build a new one here.

I am looking forward to walking the streets of Cologne together with you and transmitting to you the love and craziness that more than one million residents have in common.

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