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Breakfast in Cologne

When you’re traveling, breakfast is the hardest meal to deal with.  You can grab a panini or a salad for lunch anywhere.  Dinner is never an issue because pizza exists.  

But breakfast? If where you’re staying doesn’t have a breakfast to offer, that can throw off your whole morning while you look for place that has enough to eat to energize your day without waiting hours for a tiny cafe to clear out.

So we’ve done the work for you!  Here are our favorite places to grab breakfast broken down by popular parts of the city!


Center City – South

St Louis the Breakfast Company  An all-day breakfast spot with a self-described “Funky” atmosphere, great food and a forward-thinking vibe…and drinks if you’re up for it!

Bastian’s – A good French style bakery with a delicious breakfast/brunch with plenty of variety and (importantly) a lot of seating!

Kaffeesaurus  Good food to go with good coffee, sleek design, good service and dinosaurs! Oh, and two locations!  What’s not to like? 

Back-ups – Café Buur, Café Hommage & Easy Livin’ Café


breakfast cologne
We would eat these until we exploded.


Center City North & Nippes

Goodchild Patisserie & Café – Probably the best French bakery in Cologne with fantastic pastries and breakfast options (and right near our tour stop)!

Öz Harran Doy Doy or Büyük Harran Doy Doy  – Cologne has one of the largest populations in Germany and the food culture adds needed variety!  These are just two of many delicious Turkish cafés around the city worth a visit for a great Turkish breakfast.

Café Wohnraum – With a good mix on offer, you won’t leave hungry.  Between healthy options and sweet options, you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Barista Bar Jlöcklich – Good for a quick, small bite or a relaxed coffee in a central location.





Café Sehnsucht – A comfortable and popular option among locals and tourists alike, Sehnsucht has a beautiful interior, a terrace and a Bio-certificate!

Café Goldmund – Tucked along the train lines of Ehrenfeld where some of Cologne’s best street art calls home, this literary café serves a good German Breakfast in a garden-like atmosphere

Café Woanders – Truly a local spot with some incredible food with a great, creative atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying the morning





Südgold – Coffee and bagels and banana bread and good prices and delicious brunch and service and…just see for yourself!

The Great Berry – Right near some of the favorite restaurants in the south, this cozy spot holds its own with a mix of superfoods and delicious menu options, perfect of a healthy start to your day.

Café Walter – Like many on this list, great coffee, homemade and fresh baked cakes, a comfortable atmosphere is a beautiful spot!



Café Haferkater – On the run in or out of town? Try this one on for size for a quick, healthy breakfast in the main station.


Sunday Brunch

Chill Out Breakfast @ Alter Wartesaal – Had a long weekend and need a brunch to save your Sunday (or just to sooth your soul)? This is one of our favorites.  Check it out attached to the main station!

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