I love Cologne because of its openness and the beautiful Rhine.

My Name is Susanna, I was born and raised in this wonderful city called Cologne. I became a tour guide in February 2017 and I can hardly imagine anything better: I get to meet amazing people from all over the world, I can be outside and most importantly I get to talk about the city that I like so much!

When I am not sharing my love for Cologne or working, I usually sit in a café or a pub somewhere with my friends for some coffee or Kölsch. There are great places for both in Cologne – let me know if you need any recommendations!

Free Tour Guide Cologne Susanna

Neighbourhood Tour “Südstadt” (German)

It might be the most typical Cologne district: Südstadt (“South City”) attracts with rustic pubs, trendy nightclubs and beautiful apartments. In summers, you feel like in Italy and in winters you can find refuge in one of the cosy cafés. On our tour, we will visit squares, that are no squares, and explore how this […]


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