I love Cologne because it’s my home and the only true city of my heart.


Hi! My name is Katrin and I was born in Cologne. So I’ve been completely in love with this city literally since I was born and I cannot imagine setting anywhere else.

With its rough friendliness, its directness and its ‘Rhineland lunacy’, this city not only raised me but made me who I am today. As the song “Et jit kei wood” by Cat Balou says, there is simply no word to describe how I feel about Cologne. I just feel at home. I’ve lived here all my life and even when I fell in love with other countries and cities, Cologne is and will remain the city of my heart.

That’s why I would be very happy to introduce you to Cologne and tell you a few funny anecdotes. Because believe me, Cologne is always good for a laugh. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we welcome everyone with open arms and are a little bit crazy – to put it nicely. That is why we celebrate the Cologne Carnival with enthusiasm every year, which you simply have to experience once in your life – an absolute minimum!

Everyone dresses up, people laugh, drink, dance, parades go through the city and flowers and sweets are distributed. In short, the whole city is upside down and is one single party. It’s just wonderful. So if you get introduced to Cologne by a real Cologne girl and want to be carried away by her love for her hometown, then I look forward to seeing you!

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