I love Cologne because of its beautiful people who all enjoy being part of this city.

My name is Chandni. I was born in Afghanistan and raised in a small town called Mendig, not too far from Cologne. I remember falling in love with the beautiful city of Cologne, especially its Dom, when I first visited it at the age of six.

Some years ago, I finally fulfilled my dream to move here. While traveling abroad for about 9 months, I realised that my heart belongs to Cologne, as I could never stop talking about it and the Dom! When I returned to Cologne, I felt like I didn’t want to stop telling everyone how amazing this city is, so I decided to turn my passion for Cologne into my job and became a tour guide.

I look forward to seeing you on one of my tours and telling you more about my love for this city.

Cologne Free Walking Tour Guide Chandni

Neighbourhood Tour “Südstadt” (German)

It might be the most typical Cologne district: Südstadt (“South City”) attracts with rustic pubs, trendy nightclubs and beautiful apartments. In summers, you feel like in Italy and in winters you can find refuge in one of the cosy cafés. On our tour, we will visit squares, that are no squares, and explore how this […]


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