Why TripAdvisor reviews are so important for us

You are on a free walking tour in Cologne and you are having a good time. But then your guide asks you for a review on TripAdvisor and you think “Do you have to bother me with that?”. Yes! And here is why.

You might have found us on Google, or friends recommended Freewalk Cologne. That’s great! However, a lot of our guests find us through TripAdvisor. And even those, who spot us on other ways, check TripAdvisor first for reviews.

Freewalk Cologne is currently ranked first among all tours in Cologne. So why should we bother about more reviews? There are two reasons. First, on TripAdvisor, the most recent reviews and the amount of reviews count. You know that from your own way of using the platform.

It’s a motivation!

Another reason is, that it motivates the team and especially your guide! We read every single review and we share them among each other. (“Hey Susanna, have you seen the sweet review for your tour yesterday?”) It is a great way to say thank you for a good time by writing a personal review and mentioning the name of your guide.

free tour Cologne carnival

The Freewalk Cologne guides love their city and to share it with you.

Why do a lot of our guests do not leave reviews?

On a busy Saturday, we have more than 100 guests joining our tours. However, we get 20 to 30 reviews per month in average. Why? From our experience, most guests are very happy to leave a review. But once they see, that they have to create an account on TripAdvisor, they abandon the process and the good intention vanishes.

We do understand that you don’t want to spend much time on this! Still, if you consider how much it means to us and especially your guide, the few minutes are worth it.

If you joined our tour, you know how much we cherish the time with travelers in Cologne and we want to continue this every day. Our tours are personal and it feels so good to get a personal and public thank you back. And that is why your guide asks for a review on TripAdvisor.

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