This tour is currently not available until further notice due to the current restrictions against COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding. If you’d like to plan this as a private tour in the future, please send us a request.

National Socialism Walking Tour

The word Nazi has a meaning that goes beyond the political movement. It has become a strong moral condemnation of the horrors that took place throughout the Third Reich. On our National Socialism in Cologne tour you’ll learn about Cologne’s history throughout the last 150 years. The aim of this tour is to encourage a critical debate about the Nazi Ideology, which type of society they envisioned and how close they came to achieving their ambitions.


Ticket: 19€

Language: German, English and Spanish

Time & Date: Saturdays at 4 pm

Meeting Point: Alter Markt, next to the monument of Jan-von-Werth

End of the tour: Gereonstraße, next to the monument of Edith Stein

Group size: 15 people. If you want to join the tour with a group of friends or family, that’s possible for up to 7 people. If you are more, please book a private tour for your group.

Please book in advance!


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In order to keep everyone healthy and to anticipate the upcoming government regulations, we introduced the following measures during COVID-19:

  1. The groups will be kept small (max. 12 PAX).
  2. This data will only be used in case of an infection in the group and, if necessary, will be sent to the Health Department. Once the infection period has expired, the data will be deleted.

The upcoming dates for our National Socialism Tour

Book your ticket and travel through 150 years of Cologne history.

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What to see on this tour

Even today, most people don’t know the background behind Nazism and still wonder: how was life during the Nazi’s rule? How was it possible that such a ruthless, authoritarian regime came to power? Were Germans living under fear or rather sympathetic to the regime?
If you’ve ever wondered any of this yourself, then this is your tour!

On our tour you’ll learn more about Cologne’s history: from the militaristic Prussians, the German Unification, the turbulent Weimar Republic, to the rise and consolidation of the Nazi State. We will see emblematic places such as the headquarters of the Nazi Secret Police (GESTAPO) and Cologne’s Cathedral, nationalist monuments, memorials dedicated to the victims of the Third Reich, plus we’ll discover another side of one of the most traditional festivities of the city, the famous Cologne Carnival.