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Hello fellow travelers,

my name is Julian and I am one of the guides for the amazing Free Walking Tour Cologne. Half German, half Norwegian, born in Gießen, Hessen, raised in a small town in Lower Saxony and a big city on the US-Mexican border in the far west of Texas – I embrace diversity :-).

I have lived all over Germany because I spent the last 12 years in the military. But 2 years ago I finally moved to Cologne, fell in love with the city and one of it’s daughters and now Cologne is my home. My home is where the Dom is! I am currently doing a Gap Year, studying Security Management and learning as much as possible about the world we live in. I already have a M.A. in International Relations under my belt but I need another degree to actually make money with :-P.

I love Cologne and greatly enjoy sharing my passion for this city with other people. This is my favorite place in the world. It has great people, a fascinating history and an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere. Come join me on an adventure through my city, you will not regret it!

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  1. We did the tour with Julian today and had a great time. He was very informative, easy to listen and had a good sense of humour. This tour with Julian will give you a n insight of Cologne’s history and not just the boring architectural detail like other city tours I have done in other cities. The age of the participants was between 20 and 55 and suited all. Highly recommend this tour and Julian.
    Peter and Colleen – Australia.

  2. We really enjoyed our walking tour with Julian, in the off-and-on rain on a cold May day… He had tons of interesting stories, showed us details you wouldn’t notice otherwise (what’s in that parking garage?) and made everyone feel welcome by remembering details about them. We covered a lot of ground. Highly recommended!

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