I love Cologne because anything can happen anytime and you never know what’s next.

My name is Samuel and I’m born and raised in a small town really close to Cologne. Growing up so close to our beautiful city means its impossible not to fall in Love with it. This is also why I’m doing free walking tours: Being so deeply in love with Cologne and the Cologne way of living I want to make other people falling in love with it.

After a few years of boring office work it quit my job and went back to university for studying intercultural theology. This comes with a big passion for traveling around, discovering new places and meet people from all over the world. As I cannot travel all the time, I decided to meet all the nice people from all over the world in Cologne. On my walking tours I will try to make you fall in love with our city, the open minded people living here and our delicious beer. But in the same time I will try to get to know you, your way of living and I will try to find out which parts of your culture we maybe could integrate to our way of living.

District Tour Nippes

Please note: This tour is in German. Nippes was not always a part of Cologne. Back then, it used to be popular for its breweries, which served bottom-fermented beer that was bannend in Cologne. Let’s do it like Cologne’s citizens in the old days and sneak across the border into the former heartland of Pilsener. […]