I love Cologne because of the laid-back atmosphere and the many opportunities.

Hi! I’m Moritz, a passionate musician and tour guide for the most authentic free walking tour in the world: Freewalk Cologne! Born and raised in Pulheim-Dansweiler, 20 minutes from the city center, Cologne became my urban playground very soon and it still remains to be.

I have lived in Portugal for a year before becoming a tour-guide and absolutely fell in love with the country. Everyone who has been on my tour should know then why I still love being in Cologne, Germany(?) regardless of that or maybe even because of it. Everyone who feels a bit confused now should come visit me for a tour and find out!

My favourite part about the job is getting to know each and everyone of you! See you soon!

District Tour Belgian District

Please note: This tour is in German. The Belgian District is one of the most popular districts in Cologne. Old and young, Cologne tradition and international flair are combined with trendy pubs, clubs, concept stores, art or just the kiosk at the corner. On our tour from the roman “Via Belgica” to the city garden, […]