I love Cologne because of the funny and open-minded people.

Hello dear visitors, I am Leo, 20 years old and welcome you to the most heartfelt and crazy city of Germany.

To live, grow up and study in Cologne is something many people want – I am one of the lucky ones. However with time, I got sick with the common illness “Fernweh”, which simply means to miss it going abroad. Berlin, Sydney and Moscow are my favourite cities, but my hometown has amazing history and culture to offer. Because I love to speak about our lovely Cologne, I decided to start giving tours.

On my tours I often speak about the things that make Cologne unique – the easiness of people, the “special” architecture style and the “Kölsche” rules which bring harmony to the city. The best way I can show you this is if you just show up in person! Looking forward to seeing you all. 🙂


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