I love Cologne because of its diversity and openness.

Hello fellow travelers,

my name is Julian and I am one of the guides for the amazing Free Walking Tour Cologne. Half German, half Norwegian, born in Gießen, Hessen, raised in a small town in Lower Saxony and a big city on the US-Mexican border in the far west of Texas – I embrace diversity :-).

I have lived all over Germany because I spent the last 12 years in the military. But 2 years ago I finally moved to Cologne, fell in love with the city and one of its daughters and now Cologne is my home. My home is where the Dom is! I am currently doing a Gap Year, studying Security Management and learning as much as possible about the world we live in. I already have a M.A. in International Relations under my belt but I need another degree to actually make money with :-P.

I love Cologne and greatly enjoy sharing my passion for this city with other people. This is my favorite place in the world. It has great people, a fascinating history and an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere. Come join me on an adventure through my city, you will not regret it!