I love Cologne because it has a unique flair and because we're poor but sexy.

Hi, my name is Antonia. I was born and raised in Grevenbroich, between the two big rivals at the Rhine Düsseldorf and Cologne. Growing up, I’ve had some tough decisions to make due to my place of birth: Which beer to drink, what to shout during carnival… Ultimately: Which city is better?

To figure that out, I spent an equal amount of time in each of these two cities until I started studying in Cologne three years ago and became a passionate Imitator.

If you want to know what that is and why I became one, you should join me on one of our free walking tours! I’m looking forward to sharing my personal stories about this colourful city and offer you a unique perspective on life in this very special place.
Cologne has a lot to offer to everyone, no matter what your background might look like. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Freewalk Cologne Guide Antonia


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