I love Cologne because the city gives you a warm hug anytime you need it.

Hey guys, I’m Anna and it may not surprise you, but I love Cologne. Actually that is not really surprising because once you fell in love with the city (as it happened to me over two decades ago) that feeling never vanishes. I always felt overwhelmingly homesick when I spent too much time abroad and whenever I come back to Cologne I feel overwhelmingly home immediately.

Maybe it is due to the fact that the city tells you the tough truth couched in a heartwarming smile.
Maybe it is because of the open-minded and talkative people.
Maybe it is because here tradition meets present without clashing.
Maybe it is the musical vibe in the streets and sometimes it is maybe simply due to the beer.

You see, it’s not always easy to tell where a certain feeling comes from and often it’s difficult to find the right words, but for my tour I found a way to lard my personal feeling with history, anecdotes and my favorite carnival songs. Come and join my tour so that in the end we create a common Cologne feeling together!


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