I love Cologne because of its laid back people and beautiful sunsets.

My name is Aida. Like a cruise ship. Or better, like Verdi’s opera. So if you come to my tour you will feel like on a cruise, but with some cologne opera music (read cologne carnival music) in the background! Seriously.

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I have finished Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo. After that, I decided to move to Cologne. When I came here, I was wondering where am I, why are people here so funny dressed (did I just see a crocodile?) and always act so nice and open? Is it a dream? Well, it wasn’t a dream, it was just a cologne way of living. I fell in love with it and just decided to learn every single thing about it, and not just through reading, but through experiencing and feeling every fiber of the city. Very quickly, I felt like home. Cologne actually is a feeling, believe me!

That is why today I love doing the tours and showing the Cologne to everybody who comes to visit. Especially, since it feels like a nice cruise and opera all in one!


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