Freewalk Cologne goes Chameleon

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon…Freewalk Cologne has a new logo, mascot and website!

Freewalk Cologne Tour T-shirt Logo kostenlos

Why a chameleon?

How can a chameleon represent free walking tours in Cologne? Well, we want you to experience an amazing time with us and that means to focus on your personal interests and wishes. So like a chameleon, that changes its colours in different situations, we adjust our tours regarding to the different interests of our guests.

Since we love our city, we also added a local element to the logo: The towers of Cologne’s wonderful cathedral. Therefore, our new logo matches with who we are: Local guides who enjoy to welcome people from everywhere in the world and spread the love of our city!

More services for you

Our new website makes it much easier for you to find out what we offer. Additionally, you can easily reserve your spot for a tour with our booking system. Afterwards you will receive a helpful e-mail with all the important information.

You are new to Cologne and you want to learn more about the life here? Check out our blog to find helpful information. We also recommend events everyday, so you will not waste your time looking for a good, local place to go out.

Free walking tours every day

Freewalk Cologne provides free walking tours every day. The walks are based on tips: You can decide at the end what the tour is worth for you. Our free city tours are the best in Cologne, regarding to TripAdvisor. Enjoy funny facts and the history of Cologne and maybe a beer after the tour. You can also book a private tour for you and your friends. We are looking forward to see you soon!

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