Why does Freewalk Cologne exist?

The idea developed in 2015. Matthias was showing the city to a lot of couchsurfing guests sleeping on his couch. After a while more people wanted to join and over the time it went bigger and bigger. Florian joined the tours and was directly amazed by the idea.

Why are the tours for free?

Tours have no fixed prices based on name-your-own -price system. You have the possibility of paying any price you wish, even nothing, for our tours. The choice to remunerate the tour guide is 100% voluntary. We are confident in the quality of our walking tours and confident that you will be sufficiently satisfied with your experience and you will feel you want to tip your tour guide.

How do I find the meeting point?

All tours start at Eigelsteintorburg. Close to the stops Hansaring (S Bahn S6, S11 and S13) and Ebertplatz (U-Bahn 12,15, 16 and 18)


What are the walking tours about?

In few words: Stories and facts which show the soul of cologne. You wont hear boring numbers or years. Our main goal is to show you our cologne visiting a lot of typical sights and secret places.

We also give helpful tipps for the evening and can answer questions you might have for your stay in cologne

Does Freewalk cologne enter a few historic buildings?

We are going inside the Kölner Dom. Other buildings should be visited by yourselves because they cost entry fee.

Is it necessary to make reservation?

No reservation necessary for individulal travellers when joining the public free walking tours! Simply turn up at the meeting point and join us. Groups of 12 or more travelling together should notify us 24 hours in advance using yourguide@freewalkcologne.com address.

Groups of 12 or more MUST contact us before reserving. From experience we know that larger groups have the tendency to involuntarily interrupt the tour. We want all our tour guests to enjoy the tour, therefore, we cannot allow groups of 12 or larger. Sorry. You are welcome to book a private tour for your groups of 12 or larger. Thank your for your understanding.
How will I recognise the guide?

Just check out the pictures on our homepage but you cannot miss the guide inside the gate. He will be the one person who is standing there. Most of the times with a coffe in his hand.

What if I am late?

Each tour starts on time so please try to be punctual. The tour leaves the meeting point in about 10-12 minutes after the start time out of respect for those who did arrive on time. Our logistic assistant however is waiting for the late comers for another 5-8 minutes after he tour has started. If you are running late or missed the meeting point location, please contact us +49 177 6386737

Is it difficult to hear the guide?

No. You can always hear the guide. We have strong voices. 😉

How long does a walk last?

Each free walk lasts approximately 2.5 hours unless noted.

How far do we walk?

The Free-Walking-Tour covers about 2,5 km – 3 km. It is an easy walking and we are accessibly. The tour goes at a moderate pace for the average walker.

Do we end up where we started off?

No – if you join our public free walks. We will end up in the city center (old town in a brewery or (on Christmas time at the christmas market)
How to get to the meeting point from your ho(s)tel?

Ask your ho(s)tel staff or send us an e-mail: yourguide@freewalkcologne.com
Is there a toilet / refreshment break?

We have no scheduled toilet break during our walking tours. Please ask your tour guide about the nearest toilet at the meeting point or finishing point area. Toilet facilities are very limited on the walks. One public toilet is at the Kölner Dom. We would recommend bringing a bottle of cold drink in the summer.

Can I take my children on the walks? Is there an age limit?

Children of any age are welcome. You know your own children better than we do:-). Bring some snacks and/or refreshment. (Younger children may find these tours too tiring. We think our tours are suitable for children over the age of 12.)

What if I am the only person who shows up?

Lucky you, as you will have a personal guide to show you around cologne. Unlike other free tours in cologne we will do the tour for you.

What if it is raining?

Freewalk Cologne are held rain or shine. Wet weather gear is useful. We do some route adjusments to accommodate poor weather conditions. There is no wrong weather, only wrong clothes. 😉

Can I join the walk with wheel chair?

Yes. We are accesibly.

Can I bring my pets?

Absolutely. We all love pets!

Can I take a video on the tours?

In protection of the intellectual copyright that goes into the tours, any forms of video and audio recording are not allowed on the tours. The interesting stories that we share with you are the result of painstaking research over many years, so do show your appreciation by listening with attentive ears, open hearts and obedient hands! Photography is allowed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Is it possible to book a guide for a private walk?

All walking tours are available for fully customized premium private bookings with pick-up and drop-off anywhere. See and enjoy only what you want. We have already organized private walks for International school groups, Multinational companies etc. For more information, or to schedule a private walk, please call or email us. References are available upon request.

How much money should I leave?

Tours have no fixed prices, based on contributions only. Supporting us is not compulsory and participants are free to give as much or as little as they feel the tour is worth, and is therefore available for everybody and anybody interested in cologne. You could literally pay nothing and walk away at the end, and some people do this on nearly every tour, but most people find the tours to be extremely informative, entertaining and engaging, so they appreciate their tour guides (all tour guides work exclusively for gratuities) and with their contribution keep the project alive for the future. This is an independent project without financial support from any third parties (there is NO business or governmental involvement on any level). A suggested contribution is 10-15€/pp. The reason we suggest a number is for those who are unsure of what is helpful for us to keep running our tours free. 100% of our funding comes from your contribution. Again, nothing is compulsory , everything is welcome.

Do you pay  pay taxes?

Absolutely. We have to pay all the taxes, social security and the such.

How to be a member of Freewalk Cologne Community?

Whether you are new or regular, like us on Facebook under the name ofFreewalk Cologne s. You will reconnect with your travel buddies, plan your next Cologne trip, share tour photos, tag yourself on group pictures and tell others about your Cologne experience.