The media about our free walking tours

Want an outsiders opinion on our free walking tours in Cologne? Check out these media reports in English and German by various news outlets!

Deutsche Welle (English)


Sightseeing and meeting the soul of Cologne — the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle visited us in July 2017. Have a look at this video to learn how you can explore Cologne from a different point of view.

WDR (German)


“I think Cologne a vibrant city and I feel like everyone here is letting everyone live as he or she pleases.” — Cologne from the perspective of German tourists. The German public broadcaster WDR joined our free walking tour in August 2019.

Domradio (German)


As a tourist or local, you can explore the city, get to know interesting facts and small anecdotes and decide on the price of the city tour yourself: that’s what Freewalk Cologne offers. Tour guide and founder Matthias Boden explains how this works in a conversation with Domradio. (August 2019)

Radio Köln (German)


Nippes is a neighbourhood in the North of Cologne. We love it! And so does the local radio channel Radio Köln. That’s why they joined our neighbourdhood tour through Nippes in 2017 as part of their “We love Nippes” project.


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