A walk through the Belgian Quarter

On our neighbourhood (“Veedel”) tour through the Belgian Quarter, we will discover Cologne’s probably hippest district. Together we want to capture the exciting atmosphere of the district where international sentiments meet the culture of Cologne. As always, our Veedel tour will be off the beaten paths and capture the character of real Cologne for you.

This tour is also available in German. Check out the dates and information here.

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Our Veedel tours are taking a winter break. We will be back in April/May. Until then, check out our Dark Side of the Dom tour or the regular free walking tours!


Even the house walls in the Veedel alone show the diversity of the Belgian district and invite you to marvel at the diverse forms of street art. Also, many scene pubs and clubs on every corner indicate the typical young and lively way of life in the Veedel.

On the “Via Belgica”, a Roman military road, which is about 400 km between Cologne and the atlantic coast, we learn everything about the history of the Belgian district. On the traces of the past, we will discover how the Veedel has evolved throughout past ages. Our Veedel tour takes us through the crowds of the Cologne Rings to the Stadtgarten (literally city’s garden), which is certainly one of the most popular places in Cologne to spend a sunny afternoon at. After our tour the many concept stores in the Belgian district invites you to an eventful shopping experience.


The most important facts for your Veedel tour

Early Bird tickets for this Veedel tour cost 9.50€ per person. Afterwards, you can purchase the regular tickets for 11€. Please buy a ticket in advance. 

The English tour starts at 5 p.m. at Brüsseler Platz in front of the church St. Michael and takes about 2 hours.

With up to 7 people, groups of friends or teams can book our Veedel tour as well. Larger groups, however, can book a private tour through the Veedel of their choice. The tour will be held in German or English. To stay up-to-date, join the Facebook event of this tour

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